My family means the world to me and I would not be where I am in life, or even who I am, if it weren’t for them. The love, support, and closeness of my immediate family and my extended families is something that I treasure deeply and is something I feel really lucky to have. To completely explain how important my family is to me, and the role they’ve had on helping me become who I am today, would have needed to be its’ own entire project. For the purpose of website, I chose to make three images that hold deep personal value to me in terms of how they relate to my family.

Walk to Defeat ALS: I made this first photo in honor of my grandfather on my dads side of the family. He passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease, also known as ALS, when I was just a little baby and I have no memories of him as a result. However, every year members of my dad’s side of the family come together at the Walk to Defeat ALS event that takes place in Washington D.C. and walk in memory of him. This past year they handed out keys on lanyards, and when researching the keys I found out about the meanings of the differents colors. White means you’ve lost someone to ALS, yellow means you have ALS, blue means you’re walking in honor of someone who has ALS, and red means you support the cause and want to defeat ALS. When I made this collage, I made one of the white keys the largest and put it at the center of the image. This is to immediately draw attention to it and to serve to honor my grandpa’s memory. However, I wanted to incorporate keys of all colors into the collage in order to more holistically draw attention to this issue and to also show support for everyone who has been affected or knows someone who has been affected by ALS.

Family First: This second image is a graphic that I made on Canva. The theme “family first” is something that is strong within my immediate and extended families. It is something that we all try to practice, and we all do our best to always make sure we’re there for one-another when we need something. Then, the three smaller graphics, were also chosen with very particular means associated with them. Starting with the clover on the top, right above the saying, this is meant to represent my dad’s side of the family. Moving down to the two silhouettes in the bottom corners, these are representative of my nana and pop pop on my moms side. Neither of whom I have any memories of, but my pop pop’s totem animal was an ox and my nana’s was a peacock, so through incorporating those images into the  graphic it serves as a way for me to honor their memories and stay connected to them. 

Games Galore: To say that my family is competitive and passionate about games would be the understatement of the year. For as long as I can remember we have always been a competitive game playing family, and as the youngest member I had to learn how to compete or I would lose (badly). We have closets full of games, and there are also games that are scattered throughout the house for variety of reasons. Given that I grew up playing games and my family is still big game players, with competition that has gotten more fierce as I’ve grown older, I felt it was only right that I created some product about games for this project. When making this collage I decide that in order to help make things more interesting and to prepare myself for having to make it, I gave myself between five and a half to 6 minutes to google as many games that I knew were in my house as possible, and to place a photo related to each game in a Photoshop file. At the end of my allotted time frame I had 21 images, which isn’t even close to half of the number of games in my house, that I then made a collage out of. When designing the collage I considered a mix of how much my family plays each individual game while also still considering aesthetic features to make sure I ended with a final product that was appealing to the eye.