My dog Rocco

I want to start by noting that my dog, Rocco, is part of my family. However, I gave him his own page on this website in order to prevent the overcrowding of any one individual page, and also because he’s adorable and I felt like he deserved a page dedicated just to him. Anyone who knows me knows that I really love dogs — I am that person who will stop and ask to pet every dog I see unless I am in a rush, it is clear that it would be inconveniencing the dogs owner to stop them, or depending on the people I might be with. As much as I love every dog, my dog is hands down my favorite. When I’m at school, just looking at old photos and watching videos of him can be enough to help put me in a good mood. His impact on my happiness magnifies even more when I’m at home with him. I wanted a page about Rocco, and made such a wide variety of work relating back to him, because my love for him (and all dogs) is something that brings me a lot of happiness and is worth sharing when talking about my identity.